Food boredom is over.

Real food, local and fresh ingredients. Daily preparations cooked with love. Life is too short to make it shorter: eat well.

Our aim is to bring a bowl of fresh air to the local culinary scenery polluted by unattractive industrially prepared food options. We desire to embrace the right to choose daily cooked meals, bringing creativity and unforgettable memories back to your palates.

New seasonal menus will be regularly created, so keep posted!

WISHBONE \ˈwish-ˌbōn\ :  Located between a bird’s neck and breast, this V-shaped bone carries a tradition consisting of two people breaking it apart after a meal. The person with the longer part is granted a wish.


Lunch deliveries

Delivered at defined delivery points, from 11am – 2pm. Ideal for business lunch and meetings, choices of menu trays, sandwichs and salads.

To ensure the freshness of our meals, please place your order at least 1 day before.


Kiosque du Fun’ambule
Avenue du Premier-Mars 15, 2000 Neuchâtel

A healthy pick-up of salads and/or sandwiches. You may either place an order (min 1 day ahead) or choose directly from daily delivered products.


For events such as, but not limited to: birthday parties, weddings, aperos as well as business meals, parties and promotional events.

Please contact us at least two weeks prior to the desired event date to plan a customized experience.

The quality and freshness of our products are guaranteed by a daily production with natural ingredients.

Call Us
+41 76 506 23 84
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Delivery schedule
Tuesday-Friday: 11am to 2:30pm